We sell abroad range of organic and inorganic chemical products both domestically and internationally. Among these, titanium oxide has excellent tinting and opacifying properties. It is used in fields such as car paints where sophisticated technology and tough durability are required, as well as a whole range of other areas that surround our lives such as printing ink, synthetic resins, fibers and paper manufacturing. In addition, the fact that we provide denitration and deodorizing catalysts that help protect the earth’s environment is also a key trait of our company.

Product NameCAS No.Application
Titanium dioxide(Chloride method & Sulfuric acid method)13463-67-7Pigment for paint, ink, Fiber, Compouding
Zinc oxide1314-13-2Antibacterial material for fiber, Compounding, Water treatment agent
Zinc dust7440-66-6Pigment for rust preventive paints, Filler, Metal plating
Barium sulfate7727-43-7Modifier or light diffusion material for paint, Ink, Fiber
Barium chloride10361-37-2Sulfate root remover, organic pigment, Papermaking
Barium Carbonate513-77-9Optical glass, Storage batteries, Ferrite raw materials,
Dyeing, pigments, Raw materials for barium salts
Barium hydroxide12230-71-6Raw materials for barium salts, Organic synthesis, Resin stabilizers
Strontium carbonate10476-85-4Electronic ceramic parts, Fluorescent material raw materials,
Pigment, Special glass, Strontium salts
Strontium hydroxide1311-10-0Catalyst, Strontium salts
Phosphoric acid7664-38-2Surface treatment for metal, Water treatment agent
Monoammonium phosphate (MAP)7722-76-1Catalyst, Fertilizer, Surface treatment for metal,
Fire extinguisher
Diammonium phosphate (DAP)7783-28-0Catalyst, Fertilizer, Surface treatment for metal,
Fire extinguisher
Sodium tripoly phosphate (STPP)7758-29-4Surface treatment for metal, Binder for foods
Tetra sodium pyrophosphate (TSPP)7722-88-5
Surface treatment for metal, Binder for foods
Hypo Phosphorous Acid6303-21-5Bleach, Organic synthesis catalyst, Reducing agent,
Metal surface treatment, Antioxidant
Sodium hypophosphate10039-56-2Surface treatment for metal
Acetylacetone123-54-6Metal chelates for catalysts,
Solvent synthesis intermediate materials, Adhesives
Calcium Acetylacetonate19372-44-2Heat stabilizer for PVC
Vanadium pentoxide1314-62-1Alloys, Catalysts, Vanadium salt raw materials
Ammonium metavanadate7803-55-6Catalyst, Pigment, Reagent
Molybdenum trioxide1313-27-5Catalyst, Metallurgy, Pigment
Ammonium molybdate13106-76-8Catalyst, Metallurgy, Pigment
Cesium carbonate534-17-8Catalyst, Medicine
Lithium carbonate554-13-2Various lithium salt raw materials, Batteries,
Optical crystals
Lithium hydroxide1310-66-3Various lithium salt raw materials, Batteries, Glass
Chromic anhydride1333-82-0Plating, wood preservative, Medicine, Catalyst, Pigment,
Chromium oxide1308-38-9Plating, pigment, Abrasive, Catalyst
Nickel nitrate13478-00-7Catalyst, Plating, Battery
Nickel sulfate10101-97-0Catalyst, Plating, Battery
Carbon black1333-86-4Rubber, Paint, Ink, Paper, Reinforcing agent, Buttery
Stearic acid57-11-4Metal soap, Rubber, Stearate, Stabilizer


We sell the materials for infant’s nappies that are becoming more popular overseas, as well as adult’s paper nappies for which demand is expanding domestically due to the aging population. In addition, we are distributing high liquid-absorption resins overseas. These are primary materials for nappies.

Product NameCAS No.Application
Super Absorbent PolymersDiaper, Napkin
Breathable FilmDiaper, Napkin
Non-Breathable FilmDiaper, Napkin
Loop TapeDiaper, Napkin
Hook TapeDiaper, Napkin
Spunbond NonwovenDiaper, Napkin
Air Through NonwovenDiaper, Napkin
Cotton NonwovenDiaper, Napkin
TissueDiaper, Napkin, Tissue


Our distributions are centered around acrylic resins, urethane resins and epoxy resins. The resin products we handle are mainly reflective sheets for road traffic markings and reflective cloth for safety apparel.

Product NameCAS No.Application
Co-Polyester resinPaint, Adhesive, Primer, Coating
Polyester resin25038-59-9Fiber, Bottle, Film
Epoxy resin25068-38-6
Paint, Adhesive, Primer, Coating, Electronic material
Phenolic resin61788-97-4Adhesive, Electronic material
Recycled resinInjection, Film, Bottle, Plastic part


Electronic ceramics components are essential for the cutting edge electronic devices of our age, such as information transmission devices such as personal computers and smartphones as well as digital AV devices such as DVD players. By distributing perovskite chemical compounds with a focus on barium titanate, which is ultrafine and also highly dispersive and suited for sintering, we make it possible to increase performance, decrease size and lower the cost in fields such as ceramic condensers and semi-conductive ceramics.

Product NameCAS No.Application
Barium titanate12047-27-7MLCC
Barium Carbonate513-77-9Optical glass, Storage batteries, Ferrite raw materials,
Dyeing, pigments, Raw materials for barium salts
Strontium carbonate10476-85-4Electronic ceramic parts, Fluorescent material raw materials,
Pigment, Special glass, Strontium salts
Silver paste7440-22-4Catalyst, Plating, Battery


We principally handle the importation of ilmenite, celestite, barite and others which are the raw minerals for titanium oxide, strontium compound and barium compound. Barite is the main raw ingredient for the medicinal barium sulfate that is ingested as a contrast agent when taking an x-ray.

Product NameCAS No.Application
BariteBarium salt raw material, Mmuddy water for boring
IlumeniteTitanium oxide, Metal titanium, Titanium alloy

Water Treatment

We sell abroad range of chemical products for water treatment use both domestically and internationally. We have an inventory in Thailand, so we can deliver to each users as requested quantities and delivery term.

Product NameCAS No.Application
1-Hydroxyethylidene -1,1,-diphosphonic Acid (HEDP)2809-21-4Water treatment agent
2-Phosphonobutane – 1,2,4 – Tricarboxylic Acid (PBTC)37971-36-1Water treatment agent
Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid (ATMP)6419-19-8Water treatment agent
Mono ethanol amine (MEA)141-43-5Water treatment agent
Sodium bromide7647-15-6Water treatment agent
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)13235-36-4Water treatment agent
Morpholine110-91-8Water treatment agent
Zinc chloride7646-85-7Water treatment agent
Sodium metabisulphite7681-57-4Water treatment agent
Sulfamic acid5329-14-6Water treatment agent
2,2-Dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide (DBNPA)10222-01-2Water treatment agent
Methylene chloride75-09-2Paint remover, reaction solvent for producing PC resin,
Foaming agent
Zinc oxide1314-13-2Antibacterial material for fiber, Compounding, water treatment agent
Sodium nitrite7632-00-0Surface treatment for metal, Water treatment agent


Pest Diagnosis Application “SCIBAI”

Our concept is Humans and AI work together to “cultivate” in a new dimension.

Vegetable cultivation suffers from various pests and diseases. There are a wide variety of fungi, bacteria, pests with a body length of less than 1 mm, and there are many similar symptoms, therefore, advanced knowledge for judgment is required.

By using Mirai Saien’s “SCIBAI”, even new farmers, home gardeners, and part-time workers on farms, who tend to lack knowledge about pests, everyone can identify pests and treat them appropriately.

This application has achieved tens of thousands downloads in Japan, and the Thai version will be released soon.

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